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‘The best account so far of the most notorious woman… Andrew Morton presents a convincing picture of Wallis Simpson’s rip-roaring sexual and social adventures and her curious marriage to the Duke of Windsor… His new research adds to our knowledge of her whole career.’ Sarah Bradford, historical biographer ‘Remarkable. Supersedes and surpasses all previous Wallis biographies… Andrew Morton’s crowning achievement.’ – Christopher Wilson, author of Dancing with the Devil: The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue ‘[a] groundbreaking biography of Wallis Simpson… Morton has finally given her the biography she deserves.’ – The Lady ____________________________________________ Sunday Times bestselling author Andrew Morton reveals new information and sources that totally transform our perception of Wallis Simpson. Wallis in Love brings a fascinating new perspective on the 20th century’s most controversial royal scandal. Andrew Morton’s impeccable research and unerring skill for riveting storytelling combine to present a strong case for a startling reveal: that the woman who rocked the world with her uncompromising passion for the Prince of Wales may have fooled everyone by keeping the true object of her passion hidden away… From her relatively lowly beginnings in America, to her rise through the social ranks and her determination to one day beat men at their own game and the ultimate conquest of the Prince of Wales, Morton paints a vivid and multi-faceted picture of a woman, who may have won the jewel in the British crown but very possibly at the expense of her true happiness. Wallis in Love reveals the men Wallis truly loved, the men who broke her heart – and the hearts she broke in turn. In this vivid and fresh portrait of the Duchess of Windsor, Morton draws on interviews, secret letters, diaries and never before seen or heard primary sources. 16pp plates

ISBN: 9781789293739

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