The Art of Fairness: The Power of Decency in a World Turned Mean


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A thrilling study of the key elements of great – and fair – leadership, illuminated by real stories from history

Can you succeed without being a terrible person? We often think not: recognising that, as the old saying has it, ‘nice guys finish last’. But does that mean you have to go to the other extreme, and be a bully or Machiavellian to get anything done?

In THE ART OF FAIRNESS, David Bodanis uses thrilling historical case studies to show there’s a better path, leading neatly in between. He reveals how it was fairness, applied with skill, that led the Empire State Building to be constructed in barely a year – and how the same techniques brought a quiet English debutante to become an acclaimed jungle guerrilla fighter. In ten vivid profiles – featuring pilots, presidents, and even the producer of Game of Thrones – we see that the path to greatness doesn’t require crushing displays of power or tyrannical ego. Simple fair decency can prevail.

With surprising insights from across history – including the downfall of the very man who popularised the phrase ‘nice guys finish last’ – THE ART OF FAIRNESS charts a refreshing and sustainable new approach to cultivating integrity and influence.



ISBN: 9780349128207


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