Secrets of Sainte Madeleine


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Deep in the French countryside, inside the walls of a family chateau, a remarkable legacy awaits . . .

From the international bestselling author comes an escapist, glamorous tale spanning generations & sweeping from Burgundy to Greece and beyond . . . 1790: Jean-Yves Salignac wins Sainte Madeleine, a beautiful vineyard in Burgundy, but loses Jero, the love of his life. Heartbroken, he carves the symbol of a butterfly – modelled after a necklace he gave Jero – all over Sainte Madeleine, so that she’ll never be forgotten…

1923: young Elise Salignac loves hearing the stories of her ancestors and Jero’s butterflies, whose magic is known only to the true children of Sainte Madeleine. Elise’s great love is the chateau where she’s grown up, but as she grows into womanhood, her heart is also captured by her distant cousin, Laurent. Yet the shadow of war comes sweeping over Europe. When revolutionary Laurent leaves France to fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War, Elise’s heartbreak takes her on a different path…

Meanwhile, Elise’s brother Alex leaves France to make his way in the burgeoning wine industry in Napa Valley, where he falls in love with a local merchant’s daughter. The only Salignac sibling left at Sainte Madeleine is the eldest brother, Didier. But the vineyard is in trouble, and Didier can’t be the one to save it…

When World War II hits, both Laurent and Alex are sent to fight. Although married and trapped in Athens, Elise never stops thinking of Laurent. When she feels she has lost him forever, she transfers her passion to the only thing she loves more: Sainte Madeleine. She must return to France and reclaim the vineyard – whatever the cost…

Spanning fifty years and multiple continents, this is the story of Sainte Madeleine, the secrets and scandals of the Salignac family, and a love story that eclipses it all.

ISBN: 9780008521837

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