About Us

Fogarty’s Bookshop was started in 1946 by Basil Fogarty in a basement shop in 59 Main Street (now Govan Mbeki Ave). The bookshop is one of the oldest independent bookshops in South Africa.

Basil was joined by his new wife from Scotland, Eleanor and together they became a mecca for book & art lovers. Even holding exhibitions for the likes of Irma Stern.

After 59 Main Street, the shop moved to the Library Building on Market Square. And, some years later, to Traduna Mall in Main Street where it stayed for over 20 years.

At that stage, the business was taken over by Teresa Fogarty (daughter of Basil & Eleanor) and Terry Impey (Teresa’s partner). With Terry’s help, branches were opened in 6th Ave Walmer & later The Bridge, Greenacres.

When the Main Street branch closed, the Walmer Park shop was opened.  Later The Bridge branch closed and joined Walmer. We were at Walmer Park for 25 years.

Fogarty’s is now firmly established at 212 Main Road Walmer & serves the book loving public of Port Elizabeth (and the surrounding areas) with all their reading requirements.

Ordering & sourcing books has always been one of the services we offer, along with helpful service to our loyal customers.

Please contact us with any questions about books and, we will gladly try to assist you.

Sadly Terry, Basil & Eleanor are no longer with us but, they will always remain in our hearts & memories and, in the soul of Fogarty’s Bookshop.