You Lost Me

You Lost Me



Willem Prins wanders the streets of Paris, disillusioned and glum. Once, he showed great promise as a South African writer of distinction, but years of disappointment have left their mark. Drowning himself in the Seine may well be the only option left to drive up his book sales.

His reason for being in Paris – the French translation of an erotic novel he wrote under a pseudonym – is not exactly something to be proud of. He is no stranger to Paris. An ex-wife of his (one of three) lives in the city with his eldest son, a young man who barely knows his father.

Willem finds an unlikely companion in Jackie, a young South African working as an au pair in the city, a woman old enough to be his daughter. Together, the two of them will face the chaos of the terror attacks on Friday the thirteenth in Paris.

You Lost Me is bestselling author Marita van der Vyver’s thirteenth novel, a story about life’s thunder clouds and the bonds between us that offer shelter. It is a tale of disillusionment and loss, told with warmth and wicked humour.


Title: You Lost Me

Author: Marita van der Vyver

Publisher: Penguin Random House

ISBN: 9781485903536

Release Date: March 2017

Format: Paperback

Price: R240.00

Tags or Category: Modern & Contemporary Fiction; South African Fiction; Book Club

Also available in Afrikaans (as Misverstand)


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