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Author Sarah Graham says, ‘For me, this book is about putting goodness in, and getting goodness out. It’s about food that is conscious of refined sugars and refined carbohydrates, and that nourishes our minds and our bodies, but is still full of colour and character, and fits within the context of our busy lives. These are my favourite beautiful, simple, wholesome recipes that are made for sharing around full and merry tables.’

Following on from her previous books Bitten, Smitten and Home, Sarah has poured much love and care into writing more than just another recipe book; Wholesome is a guide to living well and eating mindfully.


  • Introduction
  • Rise and shine
  • Bounty bowls
  • Feast
  • Desserts
  • Tea time treats
  • Drinks
  • Bits and bobs and fermenting
  • Kiddie-friendly guide
  • Recipe index

Title: Wholesome

Author: Sarah Graham

Publisher: Struik Lifestyle

ISBN: 9781432307028

Release Date: April 2017

Format: Hardback

Price: R280.00

Tags or Category: Cookery; Health, Home & Family; Lifestyle


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