Our Ultimate 4×4 Trips Collection

Our Ultimate 4×4 Trips Collection


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Our Ultimate 4×4 Trips Collection by Mariëlle Renssen is for all travellers who want to get their 4×4’s onto dirt roads. The book offers 22 fantastic 4×4 routes which have been driven and verified from the author’s own personal experience.

The book consists of detailed maps and 22 great routes which include accommodation, top sites, tourist resources, a fauna and flora checklist, packing list, geological information, full-colour photographs throughout, best and worst experience per trip, turn-by-turn descriptions of the routes driven, facts on each region, GPS points and a road atlas section of Southern Africa. The Book includes a bonus CD with GPS tracks of each route, and a PDF image of each route map.

The book will inspire you to travel and make you believe that you are capable of putting together stunning nature tours, without the assistance of a travel agent. You don’t need to be a Rambo to attempt these routes. You will be so bitten by the back-road bug that offers zero cellphone reception or Wi-Fi. You will end up wanting to do more and more. Or if you are an armchair traveller, simply experience these routes through the eyes of the author, to see some of the most amazing places in the world.

This is a must-have book for all 4×4 owners and travellers. See Southern Africa like never before.

Title: Our Ultimate 4×4 Trips Collection

Author: Mariëlle Renssen

Publisher: Map Studio

ISBN: 9781770268715

Release Date: March 2017

Format: Paperback

Price: R295.00

Tags or Category: Travel Guide; Sport & Leisure; South African


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