Get South Africa Working

Get South Africa Working


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South Africans have been poorly served by the economic choices their governments have made. The consequences of these choices are everywhere to be seen but most importantly in unemployment and poverty.

In this book Brian Kantor advances spirited economic arguments for freer markets and less government intervention and regulation of the South African economy; the book will add significantly to a layman’s understanding of how our economy works.

It offers a succinct review of all the key drivers that determine a modern economy’s performance as well as the key institutions of a modern economy. The book presents an insightful review of the challenges facing the South African economy and its policy makers.

Kantor’s sound economic insights, enriched by his familiarity with current affairs and developments in the local political milieu and financial markets, make his book a key and important contribution to the continuing debate which rages around our failing economy – indeed it presents solutions which policy makers ignore at their (and our) peril.

Title: Get South Africa Working

Author: Brian Kantor

Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers

ISBN: 9781868427635

Release Date: March 2017

Format: Trade Paperback

Price: R250.00

Tags or Category: South African; Economy; Current Affairs


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