Empathy Problem

Empathy Problem


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So far in his life, Gabriel – selfish, arrogant and happy to be so – has only ever thought about two things: money and himself. When he’s diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, he doesn’t see why anything should change.But as the tumour grows, something strange starts happening. Whether Gabriel likes it or not, he’s becoming . . . nicer. Kinder. A better person. And then he meets Caitlin. Before, he wouldn’t even have glanced at her; now he’s entranced. But real change takes time – and time is something Gabriel just doesn’t have. As each day brings him closer to his last, has the one opportunity for a second chance passed him by?

Title: Empathy Problem

Author: Gavin Extence

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN: 9781473605244

Release Date: September

Format: Paperback

Price: R175.00

Tags or Category: Modern & Contemporary Fiction; Health Home & Family


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